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International Law in News

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Towards a Novel Approach Healing Language Rights of Minority: the Case of Sri Lanka

sri lanka is a multi cultural country comprises of five main ethnic groups: sinhalese, tamils, moors, malays and burgher. language and ethnic heritage distinguish these groups. the sinhalese are the l...

Some Reflections on ‘the Future We Want': is The'Sustainable Development' Paradigm as a Guarantor of Ecological Security Under Serious Threat?

the rio+20 declaration on the “future we want”, is a political document that conveys the aspirations of the international community and provides a blueprint for a programmatic action to ensure sustain.

Mesuji Case: is There a Violation of Economic Rights? the Availability of Judicial Settlement Mechanism on the Violation of Economic and Social Rights in Indonesia

this article focuses on the factors triggering the mesuji conflict and the similar cases happening in indonesia. in addition, this paper seeks to find the available settlement alternatives which can b...

Retrospectivity and Human Rights in Indonesia: How Can Irregularities Be Resolved

to join the international community in committing protection to human rights, indonesia consequently manifested the commitment through its constitution. however, there are still homework need to be do...

The Application of Islamic Economic Security System for a Better Human Security in Indonesia

as the 2010 indonesian demographic statistic data predicted that in the year 2020-2030 indonesia will have overpopulation of young people at the productive age (18-50 years old) in about 69%. so there...

Book Review: Indonesian Responsibility for High Seas Fisheries: a Legal Analysis

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International Law Making

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International Law Making

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Non-Discrimination Pronciple on the Agreement on Trade_related Investment Measures Within Coal Mining Foreign Investment Company

indonesia as a part of the international community inactable merely accordance to the government of indonesia provision without considering to any of the international world provisions. indonesia is t...

Human Security and the Role of National Human Rights Institutions in the Enforcement of Language Rights Policy in Sri Lanka

human security is about protecting people, however it has gone ahead of the traditional security definitions and focusing on evolutionary changes in the human security infrastructure. the arguments ov...

National and International Cooperation on the Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering

the prevention and eradication of money laundering, as one of the new paradigm in the effort of combating crimes, has its own mechanism in conducting both national and international cooperation, espec...

Counterfeiting in China: a Great Challenge in Intellectual Property Protection

counterfeiting is an increasing problem for intellectual property rights (“ipr”) protection throughout the world. counterfeiting activities are generally related to trademark infringements as the coun.

Women's Rights Protection in Cultural and Environmental Sector

the indonesian society is a patriarchy society, where female's roles in society, national, and country life are not apparent because they have always been dominated by men. this is reflected in almost...

Legal Reform Project, Access to Justice and Gender Equity in Indonesia

this article is to discuss the impact of legal reform project between indonesian and australian government in assisting women, the poor and those living in remote areas to access the judiciary in indo...

Indonesian Case on Illegal Migrant

indonesia has faced the problem of illegal immigrants for a long time, especially with the rise of war in other countries or other forms of oppression against a party who then makes them leave the cou...

Approaches to Trademark Infringement in ASEAN Countries: Analysis of How the Case is Likely to Be Decided in Indonesia

the purpose of the establishment of the commercial court is to resolve civil disputes in the field of intellectual property rights (ipr). settlement of civil disputes to the commercial court by specia...

Online Piracy and Copyright Protection Through Internet (a Critical Review for the Intellectual Rights and Obligations Balance)

internet as a new communication medium, is the result the information and communication technology convergence, which came in the form of an electronic system. in the intellectual property rights pers...

Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples in International Law

the status and rights of indigenous peoples have been recognized by international law. however, there remains debatable whether or not such recognition has been translated into providing access to jus...

International Law Making

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