Aviation and International Cooperation: Human and Public Policy

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Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic

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Asia's Cauldron – the South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific

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Legal Aspects of the Regional Integration Processes in the Post-Soviet Area

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ASEAN Synergy to Overcome Challenges in Investment Arbitration

cambodia, indonesia, lao, malaysia, thailand, and the philippines, have been sued by foreign investors through international investment arbitrations (iia). no matter whether the outcome is favorable o...

Internationalizing Legal Education: a Cooperative Tool in a Globalized World

the term “globalization” has been applied to everything from economics and technology to socialmedia and market trends. its use has become somewhat of a cliché1, and it is almost impossible to reada t

International Law-Making

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Venture Capital: an American Concept and Its Problems of Implementation in Developing Countries

venture capital is an american concept. it is an alternative source for financing small businesses, besides other conventional financing sources, such as banking. among the characteristics of venture ...

ASEAN Human Rights Declaration: a New Form of Universalism

just recently asean has adopted the asean human rights declaration. this declaration is a corner stone for asean to establish human rights law instruments and mechanism in the future in order to suppo...

Freedom of Expression and Right to Privacy in the European Union: the Right to Photographs Private Private Properties

the debate to make a balance between exercising the freedom of expression and the right to privacy has never reached a global consensus, even among the european union member states. in relation to the...

Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation Regarding Indonesian Special Economic Zone Between the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea.

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Safeguard Measures in the Framework of Asean-korea Free Trade Agreement (Akfta) on Trade in Goods Compare to Gatt/wto

safeguard measures is one of the wto instruments to protect domestic industry from import product.safeguards provision has some requirements to fulfill. a safeguard is one of trade instruments regulat...

Empowering International Cooperation's Role in the Follow of Assets of Corruption's Result

corruption case no longer involves one party or one nation alone, but also involves many parties, too few countries. corruption is no longer the case as an individual activity but a pattern of activit...

International Law in News

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A Comparison of Child Protection Law Between Indonesia and Malaysia

this paper aims to compare child protection law between indonesia and malaysia especially in terms of family law (marriage), child definition and age limit, as well as other foundational principles. c...

Self Executing and Non Self Executing Treaties What Does IT Mean?

this article examines the concepts of self executing treaties and non-self executing treaties. these two concepts are inadvertently related to the dualist and monist theory of international law. they ...

The Dispute of Ambalat in the Perspective of Indonesian Foreign Policy in the Post-new Order Era

this article analyzes the ambalat territorial dispute between indonesia and malaysia, viewing from the perspective of indonesian foreign policy in the post-new order era. the writer argues that ambala...

Immigration Plicy and the Terrorist Threat in Canada and Th United States

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The International Law of the Sea

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The Discrimination Under the Principle of National Treatment Under the GATT and the GATS: De Facto or De Jure Discrimination

both the gatt and the gats provisions have the same points of view on defining discrimination as an unequal treatment given to foreign providers compared to treatment given to domestic providers. disc...

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