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Legal Papers and the Practice of Protecting the International Peace Mission Personnel in Indonesia

the helsinki memorandum of understanding (mou) signed in 2005 and facilitated by finlandformer president martii ahtisaari with support from the european union has brought peace toaceh after 30 years a...

Palermo Convention in Our Legal System: Part of Our National Law or Merely a Source of Law

article 38 of the 2000 palermo convention sets out that the convention will enter into force after aminimum requirement of ratifying or acceding states are fulfilled that is 40 countries. the indonesi...

Military Cooperation in the Fight Against Terrorism From the Standpoint of International Law

from the sahel-sahara region to afghanistan, from syria to the philippines, the internationalcommunity has been witnessing, for a number of years now, the establishment of military trainingand support...

Internationalizing Legal Education: a Cooperative Tool in a Globalized World

the term “globalization” has been applied to everything from economics and technology to socialmedia and market trends. its use has become somewhat of a cliché1, and it is almost impossible to reada t

Resistancy to the Law Enforcement of (ASEAN) Regional Human Rights Mechanism, What Next?

regional mechanism on the protection of human rights in asean formally has been developedsince 2007 through the adoption of the asean charter in 2007 and the establishment of the aseanintergovernmenta...

Asia's Cauldron – the South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific

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Loss and Damage Due to Climate Change in Indonesia: an Overview of the ASEAN Cooperation Adapting to Global Warming

climate change is already causing significant loss and damage, and this issue has only become more urgent. indonesia as the biggest archipelagic state in the world has faced great challenge of loss an...

Sovereignty Vs International Cooperation: Major Problems Facing East Asia at Present

world is now becoming united in which international community cannot live independently. the sovereignty of every states in the world cannot walk alone without having taken into consideration on the o...

International Cooperation on Marine Environment Protection of Oil Pollution From Vessel (a Study of Straits Malacca and Singapore)

this research is proposed to answer three problem. first, the rules of international law in theprotection of the marine environment from oil pollution originating from vessel. second, efforts weremade...

Newly Elected Greek Prime Minister Demanded to Impose Additional Austerity Measures

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ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response

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ASEAN's Ambiguous Role In Resolving South China Sea Disputes

maintaining regional peace and security is a major concern for the association of south east asiannations(asean) while preserving strong and strategic ties with china is also imperative for theprotect...

Extended Continental Shelf Regime in International Law: Its Application in Indonesia

indeed, every state intends to explore and exploit its mineral resources. one of the ways to increasethe area on which states can explore and exploit its mineral resources is by applying the extendedc...

The Conception of Historic Shipwrecks Ownership in Accordance with International Law

technology development pushed forward an access to underwater cultural heritage. diving toolsdevelopment makes an access to deeper part of sea accessible. this access not only used by researcherand ar...

Outer Limits of Continental Shelf in the Arctic Ocean: Potential Overlapping Claims

to legally exercise its sovereign rights over extended continental shelf, coastal states have toobtain recommendation from the commission on the limits of the continental shelf by submittinginformatio...

Key Details of Iran's Nuclear Deal

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Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic

abstrak tidak tersedia.

Aviation and International Cooperation: Human and Public Policy

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ASEAN Synergy to Overcome Challenges in Investment Arbitration

cambodia, indonesia, lao, malaysia, thailand, and the philippines, have been sued by foreign investors through international investment arbitrations (iia). no matter whether the outcome is favorable o...

Criminal Liability of Public Officials for Illicit Enrichment: Comparing Approaches of the Use of Indirect Methods of Proof in Investigating Illicit Enrichment in Indonesia and the U.s.

in recent years, the international community has come to recognize the power of investigating illicit enrichment for uncovering corrupt offenses. the inter-american convention against corruption (iaca...

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