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The International Law of Occupation

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The Convention for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPFC Convention)

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Regional Cooperation and Legal Protection to Indonesian Women Migrant Worker

the increasing number of indonesian women migrant workers (iwmws) started since 1997, and remain high after the global financial crisis in 2008. the impact for indonesian economy is quite significant ...

Inter Regional Government Cooperation: Administrative Law Perspective

as it stated in the considering provision of law number 32 year 2004 on local government that “regional administration aimed to accelerate the realization of public welfare through improvement, servic...

Transfer Pricing: Challenges and Solutions Within the ASEAN Regime

transfer pricing has recently gained a prominent highlight in asean countries. eventhough transfer pricing policy has already been enacted by most of each asean member states, there still exists looph...

The Urgency for Regional Integration in Accordance to Investment Risk Management

investment is an activity which is needed by every country, especially in development country. however, the investment activity itself also brings in some risk which is called as investment risk. thes...

European Union Integration Process: a Lesson Learned for ASEAN

the paper first highlights the historical background of indonesian foreign policy, the current “downto-earth and pro-people diplomacy”, as well as indonesian foreign policy for the period of 2015-2019.

South Africa in Contributing Africa's Stability

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ASEAN Agreement on Movement of Natural Persons (Mnp Agreement)

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Regional Integration, Choosing Plutocracy

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The Implementation Fair Trade System Based on the Natural Potencial Resources in Effective and Efficient Ways Through the ASEAN Free Trade Era

indonesian economic development's dimension in free trade zone era will held upon to form the development pillars frameworks. the indonesian development pillars which are : to pull the destitution out...

Legal Policy Of Indonesia's Air Transportations Human Resources Development In Facing ASEAN Economic Society 2015

legal policy of development and the provision of law flight human resources belong to national transportation policy subs-system. legal policy contained in act no. 7 of 2007 about rpjp puts the develo...

In the Light of ASEAN Economic Community: the Protection of Mining Resources in Indonesia, Decentralization System and the Role of Government Policy

in 2015 indonesia will facing asean economic community (aec) which open thekey for free trade among the asean countries. in response to this phase, indonesia need to be prepared in many fields, one of...

Promoting Regional Integration Through Higher Education: Legal Analysis on the Empowerment of Foundation in Private Universities

higher education holds an important role in developing nation to build the manpower capacity of young generation and generate intellectual property. the same case applies in indonesia as the most popu...

Arbitration and Justice Denial on Foreign Direct Investment

the economic growth in indonesia is thrive. the economic growth can not be separate of the role of investment in indonesia. the population in indonesia very much and also the location of the indonesia...

Enhancement of Forest and Peatland Governance in Indonesia

indonesia's forest is decreasing rapidly, and it is affecting the country's commitment to curb carbon emission by 29 percent by 2030. per a report published by germanwatch in 2016, our country's clima...

Application of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in European Convention on Human Rights (Case Study: Al-skeini and Others V. Uk)

this research explains the definition of jurisdiction, development of the extraterritorial jurisdiction and its regulation in international law which includes its principle and also boundaries. this r...

Discriminatory Policy of the Indonesian Government Toward Advocate and Poor People, Funding Solution for Legal Aid

constitutionally, obtaining legal aid for the poor is a right, whereas for advocates, legal aid is an obligation. the rich can select the desired advocate, while the poor should be defended by an advo...

South Sudan Conflict: African Union Approves Regional Force

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Regional Integration and Development

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