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Legal Status Of Foreign-flag Vessels When Their Fish-transportation Vessel Licenses Have Been Revoked By The Ministry Of Marine Affairs And Fisheries

in combating illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, the minister of maritime affairs and fisheries has several times issued the ministerial decisions to revoke sikpi (surat izin kapal pengangkut...

Reclamation in the View of the Protection of Marine Environment Under the Environmental Law and the Law Concerning the Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands

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International Law-Making

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Indonesian Sea Power

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Sustainable Livelihood and Sustainable Development: the Experience of Collective Farming by Kudumbashree in Keralam, India

one of the most alarming impacts of development experienced by third world economies in the contemporary era of globalization is the fast depletion of agricultural land. this is especially so in count...

International Copyright Treaties and Its Implementation Under Indonesian Copyright Act; is IT a Better Access to Knowledge?

the indonesian government has enacted a new copyright act in 2014 on the basis that copyright protection plays a strategic role for economic development and people's prosperity. this new act provides ...

The Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment to the Environment in Developing Countries: Indonesian Perspective

foreign direct investment (fdi) may cause positive and negative impacts in developing countries, such as in indonesia. the positive impact of fdi may enhance economic growth in developing countries, o...

Legal Integration as a Means to Regional Economic Integration: a Southern African Perspective

it is a general truth that regional integration has been considered as a means to achieve rapid economic growth and alleviate other socio economic ills faced in southern africa. in southern africaa lo...

Legitimising the Illegitimate : Extending Interpretation Beyond Reality. the Shrimp Fairytale and Its Implications

the challenges of liberalization of international trade; firstly was the realization that in the past there was a tendency to be satisfied with sweeping, unspecific statements on best principles, whic...

State Responsibility Over Safety and Security on Air Navigation of Civil Aviation in International Law

the uberlingen mid-air collision which happened in germany in 2002 between bashkirian airlines and dhl had attracted the international community to international civil aviation activities.bashkirian t...

Advancing ASEAN Human Rights Norms Through External Relations: Capacity, Advantages, and the Potential for External Interference

the gradual development of human rights norms in asean has been discussed until recently. as before the human rights provisions were formally enshrined in the asean charter, many experts have shared t...

Demystifying the European Union: the Enduring Logic of Regional Integration (Second Edition)

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United States Of Africa? African Union Launches All-africa Passport

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African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty

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Feasibility of Sustainable Development by Cloud Computing in ASEAN Region

one of the most vital societal challenges of the 21st century is sustainable development.the rapid development and application of information technology (it) is a global trend with significant implica...

Rethinking Nusantara Indonesia: Legal Approach

as one of the proponents of the archipelagic state concept, indonesia considers the archipelagic state regime as nusantara. indonesia believes that the waters surrounding the islands considered an int...

The Rights and Obligations of the State in the Restoration of Cultural Heritage: a Review on International Law and the Practice of Indonesia

this article will focus on indonesia's effort based on international law to restore its cultural heritage. the problem about cultural heritage retention in international law is always related to two c...

Hybrid Policing as an Alternative Model of Policing Againts Cybercrime in the Information Society

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In Protecting Cultural Treasures in Combat Zones; UN SG Calls for Increased Efforts

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Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks (WRC 2007)

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