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Tourist's Perceived Risk and Image of the Destinations Prone to Natural Disasters: the Case of Bali and YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia

tourism has emerged as one of the largest and most rapidly growing economic sectors in the world. nevertheless, many tourist destinations have been periodically confronted by natural disasters that th...

History and Fiction: an Uneasy Marriage?

this essay discusses the relationship between history as a science and fiction as a genre of literature. it starts with a brief digression on the characteristics and pitfalls of the historical novel, ...

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Misrepresentation of Science and Expertise: Reflecting on Half a Century of Indonesian Anthropology

indonesian anthropology was founded in 1957 and developed since then in various universities. after more than fifty years of inhabiting these lecture halls, anthropology's orientation as a science has...

"Are My Songs Literature?": a Postmodern Appraisal of Bob Dylan's American Popular Music Culture

the current study is a postmodern appraisal of bob dylan's artistic career and vocal gestures to examine the way melody in popular music works in relation to speech and singing, the grand and the ordi...

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The Impact of Translation Shift and Method on Translation Accuracy Found at Bilingual History Textbook

well-translated bilingual history textbook can be as a well source of language knowledge. the purposes of this research were to figure out the dominant translation shift, method and the impact of domi...

Cyclicity of Second-hand-ness: the Language and Translation of Afrizal Malna's “Toko Bekas Bahasa a Dan B”

penned by the indonesian poet, afrizal malna, “toko bekas bahasa a dan b” is a poem with the prominent theme of second-hand-ness. this paper examines the use of language in malna's poem, along with it.

[Book Review] Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success

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[Book Review] Origin

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21 Lessons for the 21st Century

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The Integration of Religion and Culture to Construct Social Identity Through the Pukul Sapu Ritual in Mamala Village, Moluccas

the integration of religion and culture to build the discourse of social identity is an interesting issue. for mamala, a village in the moluccas, indonesia, society consists of two embedded identities...

Deconstructing Concealed Gayness Text in the Film Negeri Van Oranje: Critical Discourse Analysis

as one of the most popular creative cultural products, film sometimes speaks beyond what it presents. it is not always produced merely for entertainment purposes, but also to spread a certain ideology...

Othering and Selfing: Reading Gender Hierarchies and Social Categories in Michel Houellebecq's Novel Soumission

in literature, questions of the self and the other are frequently presented. the identity politics that gained prominence after the attack on the world trade center in new york on 11 september 2001 ha...

Vanishing Frontiers: a Javanese Plantation Emplacement, 1870s – 2000s

the introduction of the agrarian law of 1870 led hundreds of would-be dutch planters to try their luck in the plantation business. soon, dots of settlements where coolies from lowlands were housed eme...

Self-regulation as Correlates to Students' Voices and Achievement in TOEFL Score

students' engagement and persistence in test preparation require their use of self-regulated learning strategies to negate distraction and facilitate good preparation. this research aimed to investiga...

Female Monsters: Figuring Female Transgression in Jennifer's Body (2009) and the Witch (2013)

this paper aimed to examine the depiction of the monstrous feminine in two horror flms, 2009's jennifer's bodyand 2015's the witch, by investigating how horror flms confront transgression through the ...

Contestation in Gamelan Making Rituals: Tensions Between Old and New Understandings

performing ritual before making gamelan as one of stages of producing gamelan orchestra has changed. the decision of gamelan masters to perform ritual is affected by their worldview, socio-religious a...

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